Akash Taneja

Akash Taneja

Technical Program Manager
I am a technical program manager, working with multiple engineering teams to deliver large scale product features. Lately, I am also burning the mid night oil learning the ways of web development.

What I do

I have 17 years of experience in software product industry, with nine years in technical program management, currently managing programs for rolling out new product features at Bluejeans Networks.


Planning activities with product management, engineering, design, DevOps, technical support and other stakeholder groups. Acting as a catalyst to bring about clear goals and consensus.

Architechure and requirement reviews

Reviewing product requirement and architechure to ensure that requirements and technology work in tandem to deliver best solution for both functional and non-functional deliverables.


Executing planned backlog items with multiple globally distributed engineering teams. Running stand-ups and scrum of scrums, identifying and resolving risks/roadblocks and making sure that teams are making sustainable and satisfactory progress.

Metrics and Reorting

Leading program reviews with executive committee and leadership, providing status and progress metrics to enable quick reporting and desicion making.


Mananging program activities of globally distributed program teams upto 100 members. In the past, I have also directly managed a team of 40 engineers for a start-up.

Methodologies and Coaching

Having spent few years in waterfall, and doing different roles like scrum master, release train engineer, product owner in scrum teams, I have realised that there is no silver bullet. Each project has unique challenges and you need to stick to principles and coach teams to achieve results.