Akash Taneja


Some details on the projects I have worked in recent years

Breakout Rooms

A virtual breakout session, also known as a breakout meeting or breakout room, happens when large groups of people split into smaller groups to discuss different topics or brainstorm ideas.

Restricted Meetings

A security feature for video calls where you can control meeting access to only intended participants, and provide them path to authenticate during meeting join to keep user experience seamless.

Waiting Room

Waiting Room feature allows the moderator to control who and when a participant can join the BlueJeans Meeting. As a moderator, you can admit/deny participants one by one or all at once. You can also send participants to the Waiting Room from the meeting.

Collab board

A new age collaborative white board for meeting participants to collaborate on new ideas. Multiple participants can edit the whiteboard at the same time from within Bluejeans video conferencing clients.